Pumphouse Point, Tasmania

Pumphouse Point is one of my favourite memories and experiences. It is without a doubt the best place I've ever stayed. Staying with my loved one, we were greeted with sparkling wine in the lobby, the staff were so passionate and remembered and called us by our names the whole stay. We jumped in a buggy and were taken over to our accommodation, an old hydro building in the 1930s, now converted into accommodation 250m over a jetty out on a glacial lake. Surrounded by nature, we had a communal dinner with Tasmanian local produce where we met the other thirty people staying there, among them a Canadian travel writer. We then sat in the lounge overlooking the lake, helping ourselves to the self-serve bar. Sure, we saw a snake, but we also dipped ever so briefly into Lake St Clair in the summer only to wake up in the morning to fog on the water as if the season had completely changed. There are so many wilderness walks and activities to do and I can't really begin express how it quickly became one of my favourite places. No matter which building you stay in, Pumphouse Point is a wilderness retreat and a magical experience. If you're ever in Tasmania (which you should be) and you want one place to treat yourself, this is well worth every penny