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Three pictures available for print from a trip to Japan.

Driving across the South Coast of Iceland, you come across properties situated right underneath mountains, these properties are surrounded with planted trees to protect houses fron avalanches. I visited the village of Vík. It is best known for its 'black sand beach'. When we arrived we were all warned about the unpredictably of the ferocious waves, which unfortunately claimed the lives of a couple of tourists (there are also some great troll legends around this beach and the waves). Lately, Katla volcano has had some seismic activity and it is predicted it may erupt in the next few years, which would put the village of Vík in danger. The volcano hasn't erupted since 1918 and it is well overdue. Katla volcano is situated under a glacier so if it erupts it could consequently melt a lot of ice and cause detrimental flash flooding.The spirit and the resilience of the Icelanders is admirable. Despite all of this, you will find in Iceland that people continue to live and work hard in these harsh, unpredictable places